Sara Shereen

What To Ponder For 2017?

Sara Shereen
What To Ponder For 2017?

If you tend to answer a question with another question in return, we just might be kindred spirits. 

Across generations, industries, countries life appears to be revolving around questions. We ask ourselves what we are looking for in a romantic partner? We ask what are our goals for this next fiscal year? We ask how it felt leaving a country? And so the questions continue and continue for us to find meaning. Ultimately to me finding meaning is a part of the journey to find happiness for at least some portion of time.

Now is that time of the year for a rebirth, renewal and insert any other refreshing word that seems appropriate and starts with an "re" While many tend to write resolutions for the New Year, I want to start a new tradition and ask questions that I hope result in answers or even more questions (for there is a beauty in that too). So join me on this 2017 Question journey and we'll see where it takes us.


2017 Questions

What will love look like in the year ahead?

How will I prioritize all that I want to accomplish?

Will I actually accomplish everything I want to?

What is that elusive "everything"?

Who all do I value to spend my time with and subsequently who will value me in return?

What will be my self-tasked civic responsibilities?

How do I share my voice and be heard?

How do I listen to others, especially in scenarios where the other party feels revolting?

How do I react when feels like someone is de-valuing me (or another) face-to-face, especially if not so quick on the comebacks?

What are the most important elements in my life?

How will I strengthen those elements?

What will be an ultimate point of meaning in the  year ahead?