What Are The Final Four Words?

What Are The Final Four Words?

Thanksgiving Weekend Is Among My Favorite Times Of The Year. The Thursday main meal has almost all my happy vegetable dishes with strategic shopping throughout the weekend and more. This year has been pretty wild with a family wedding, historical happenings and on the cultural level — with a great cup(s) of coffee — Gilmore Girls has a revival on Netflix. Also if happen to have a shared admiration and attention for the series, there's joy here, along with not knowing what the infamous "final four words" from show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino are yet as of this posting.


Finding out months and months ago about the new episodes/mini-movies/revival, pick your name of choice, the November 25 release date seemed ages away. The other night waited until to midnight to watch first full episode, and woke up hours later a little angry at myself for passing out. Now that we are here, don't want to binge too quickly and savor each minute.

Let's be honest, myself and some friends will likely have gatherings and keep on re-watching the new episodes on repeat. Because the scripts have so much details and nuances, there's this constant beauty in re-watching and seeing a new element. Shows like "Gilmore girls" are the gifts that keep on giving.

Thinking shows are the best that television has to offer us cultural consumers to dive into the topic(s). If we multi-task we miss out. And ultimately we move beyond our immediate environment and explore quick wit, weave-in anecdotes and the like.

Sure, there are the "brain candy" TV shows that might on initial experience help one unwind. At the same time, I have a tendency to walk away from the sofa not feeling so good. A similar experience would be like right after one consumes a bunch of junk food. 

With our favorite coffee cup, coffee, milk, etc., let's toast to "mentally healthy" TV show choices; and while we are at it to Netflix, the Palladinos and cast get aligned for another run!